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  • Fringe Toronto

Groundbreaking and innovative, Edge of The Sky is a company whose mission is to promote, encourage, and nurture emerging Canadian artists and their work. Edge of the Sky Theatre fully embraces the ever-changing and wonderfully diverse culture of Toronto.

So far, our company has many outstanding acheivements, such as; hit productions Summerland and The Fence which both made Best of the Toronto Fringe in 2015 and 2016. Blood Ties has been featured on stage in Toronto and the Edinburgh Fringe and on the hit TV show Orphan Black. We’ve taken part in the first Earth to Space performance of I.S.S. (Is Someone Singing) with Commander Chris Hadfield and the Barenaked Ladies.

The foundation of this new and energetic company is Canada’s young people; young people of all races and identities. We work with professional Canadian artists to raise these powerful and disparate voices to a strong and clear focus of enormous breadth, like the horizon at the edge of the sky.

Come to the edge with us.