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ONE SMALL STEP by Anika Johnson and Barbara Johnston

Synopsis – When their annual musical is cancelled, a group of public school drama students set out to put up a show of their own. But in order to get funding, they have to make it about something Canadian. The result? ‘The Hadfield Follies: An Out of this World Journey Through the Life and Times of Astronaut Chris Hadfield’. One Small Step is a hilarious backstage musical comedy celebrating art and exploration from Dora-nominated writers Johnson and Johnston. The team that brought you Summerland, The Fence, and True North Mix Tape.

“Houston, we have an astronomically good musical at the Toronto Fringe Festival 2018” – Mooney on Theatre

“This is a musical for people who love musicals. It’s for people who enjoy an earnest song about the power of art to move us, – My Entertainment World

“…The show’s creators have proven time and again their knack for capturing the young Canadian’s experience through inventive musical works.” – Sesaya

June 2018 at the Toronto Fringe Festival
Workshop June 2017 – Randolph Academy Pre- College Program

edge of the sky

TRUE NORTH MIXTAPE by Edge of the Sky

Synopsis – The artistic team that brought you Summerland presents a tapestry of all Canadian material remixed, repurposed and reimagined. Tackling issues of home, identity and inclusivity. Our show features a diverse group of artists of all different ages, faiths, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds. Exploring what it means to be a Canadian in the year 2017. Weaving dance, music, scenes, and sketches we feature the first ever Teen Fringe ensemble, and the award winning Wexford Gleeks. Come to the edge with us.

“If shameless music theatre variety shows are your thing, it doesn’t get much better than this professional-quality 90-minute revue of Canadian songs and original skits.” – Now Magazine

“At this point we pretty much know what to expect from them; fantastic musical performances, polished group dance numbers and an impossibly large cast of fresh-faced young performers. Once again, the team delivers, big time.” – Mooney on Theatre

June 2017 at the Toronto Fringe Festival

edge of the sky

BLOOD TIES by Johnson and Johnston
Synopsis – BLOOD TIES is a musical by Johnson and Johnston based on a true story. It’s about a bachelorette weekend gone horribly wrong. Sheila’s uncle kills himself on the eve of her wedding. She and three best friends are left with the task of cleaning up the mess left behind. A mess that is soon revealed to extend far beyond the blood splattered on the floor. The flagship show by Dora-nominated team Anika Johnson and Barbara Johnston, BLOOD TIES has been a hit at Summerworks, the Edinburgh Fringe and the Stratford Springworks Festival.

“Pulse pounding… blows all of its contemporaries out of the water” 5 Stars -Broadway Baby

“Musical Perfection” 5 Stars -Musical Talk UK

“The funniest show of the [Summerworks] festival” -The Torontoist

“It’s Funny. It’s Feminist. A Sexy Thriller, Horror Musical!” -IntheGreenRoom

“Macabre musical slays at Toronto Fringe’s Next Stage Fest” –Theatre Mania

Next Stage Festival January 2017
Annex Theatre Production and Edinburgh Fringe Festival Run June 2013
Summerworks Musical Works in Concert August 2012
Stratford Spring works May 2011
Summerworks Under 25 Reading Series August 2010
Ryerson New Voices Festival March 2009

edge of the sky

SUMMERLAND by Johnson, Johnston and Wilde

Synopsis – The Breakfast Club meets Peter Pan meets Lord of The Flies. In this ground-breaking musical about 8 high school students who find themselves stranded between worlds after a bus accident. Incredibly moving, often hilarious and compelling from start to finish. Summerland explores and celebrates what it is to be a teen today.

“One of the MOST ROCKING shows… Summerland BLOWS THE ROOF OFF!” –Now Toronto

“It’s not just a great high-school musical or Fringe musical, IT’S A GREAT MUSICAL, FULL-STOP.” -Mooney on Theatre

“Summerland’s music is BANG-ON, mixing Broadway ballads with epic rock opera” -Art Vox

June 2015 at the Toronto Fringe Festival
May 2014 at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts
SUMMERLAND Promotional Package – Click here >

edge of the sky

THE FENCE by Johnson, Johnston and Wilde

Synopsis – A new Canadian work examining a decade in the life of young artists. This autobiographical song-cycle features a cast of 40 teens and adults. It blends rich story-telling, contemporary dance and pop music. Jacques Brel meets Hamilton.

“the group vocal arrangements are so gorgeous that you want to build a home inside of them and live there forever.” –Now Toronto

“They are so talented, it takes my breath away.” –Mooney on Theatre

Toronto Fringe Festival, June 2016

edge of the sky

DAUGHTERS OF FEMINISTS by Johnson, Johnston and Wilde

Synopsis: A cabaret with songs, beer, special guests and some frank conversations. Inspired by the raucous, unapologetic female rebels of yesterday and today.

“Some of the most talented people in the music and musical theatre scene. Seize any opportunity to see them live.” -Now Toronto

Toronto Fringe Festival, June 2016